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Queer Porn this Way  (cover of debaser9779’s parody of Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way”)

My friends are adorable :) 

Thanks Wellesley Underground for pubbing this! Actually the event is tomorrow (Thursday) 12/01 sorry for the date mistake. Tweet today and tomorrow! Any alums/current students that don’t have a twitter and want to participate should feel free to email me with your responses and I’ll tweet them with Occupy Wellesley’s twitter account. Link to the twitter feed so far: Facebook event:!/events/224845750920173/

"If one more person tells me that ‘all gender is performance’ I think I am going to strangle them. What’s most annoying about that sound-bite is how it is often recited in a somewhat snooty ‘I-took-a-gender-studies-class-and-you-didn’t’ sort of way, which is ironic given the way that phrase dumbs down gender. It is a crass oversimplification that is as ridiculous as saying all gender is genitals, all gender is chromosomes, or all gender is socialization. In reality gender is all of these things and more. In fact, if there’s one thing that every person in this room should be able to agree on, it’s that gender is a confusing and complicated mess. It’s like a junior high school mixer where our bodies and our internal desires awkwardly dance with one another and with the external expectations that other people place on us."

— Julia Serano in “Performance Piece” (via deviantfemme)

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I <3 bell hooks

I <3 bell hooks

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"Let me tell you what it feels like to stand in front of a white man and explain privilege to him. It hurts. It makes you tired. Sometimes it makes you want to cry. Sometimes it is exhilarating. Every single time it is hard. Every single time I get angry that I have to do this, that this is my job, that this shouldn’t be my job. Every single time I am proud of myself that I’ve been able to say these things because I used to not be able to and because some days I just don’t want to."

So Real It Hurts: Notes on Occupy Wallstreet

by Guest Contributor Manissa McCleave Maharawal, originally published on her Facebook page

So relevant, this quote

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This quote.
But also I feel like way every single time I have to explain white privilege to my white, queer, feminist friends who I love so dearly, but literally having those conversations can just take the fight right out of you sometimes

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"Progressive social movements do not simply produce statistics and narratives of oppression; rather, the best ones do what great poetry always does: transport us to another place, compel us to relive horrors, and, more important, enable us to imagine a new society. We must remember that the conditions and the very existence of social movements enable participants to imagine something different, to realize that things need not always be this way. It is that imagination, that effort to see the future in the present, that I call “poetry” or “poetic knowledge.”"

— Finding The Strength To Love And Dream by Robin D.G. Kelley

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